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best cbd for sleep

Are you looking for the best CBD for sleep and relaxation? According to the National Sleep Foundation, millions of Americans every year are affected by sleep-related problems, with roughly 1 in 5 struggling with poor sleep. In addition, full-blown insomnia affects up to 15% of the U.S. population. These are worrying statistics when considering just how vital sleep is to our everyday health and well-being. Sleep is incredibly restorative, playing a crucial role in repairing the body and mind.

Sleep deprivation is linked to a higher risk of several health concerns, including depression, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, memory issues, and weight gain. Things like mindfulness and meditation have worked wonders for people in restoring quality sleep, but if you need something more, CBD may be the answer.

Also known as cannabidiol, CBD has become an increasingly popular sleep aid, hailed by users as helping them to get a restful night’s sleep without the grogginess and other side effects that accompany traditional sleeping pills.

However, with so many CBD brands on the market, how can you be sure which one is best for you? We researched dozens of CBD brands to find the ones with the best CBD sleep supplements.

Keep reading to discover the best CBD for sleep and additional information on how to incorporate CBD into your nighttime routine and why it may offer a good alternative to pharmaceutical sleep aids.

Best CBD Brands for Sleep: Our Top 10 Picks

1.Slumber Sleep Aid - Best Overall CBD for Sleep


While Slumber Sleep Aid takes the top spot for the best CBD for sleep, technically they don't make CBD sleep aids. Instead, the sleep product line primarily contains CBN—short for cannabinol—a minor cannabinoid found in the hemp plant that is believed to have therapeutic benefits for sleep and tranquility.


  • Products contain CBN, known for sleep benefits
  • Third-party tested for safety and purity
  • Delicious flavors
  • Non-psychoactive products
  • Free shipping and a 30-day guarantee


  • May not have the same benefits (e.g., pain and anxiety relief) as CBD products

About Slumber Sleep Aid Products

Although CBN is a by-product of the degradation of THC, it doesn’t elicit the same psychoactive response or any of the other adverse side effects associated with THC. However, if you are concerned about dosage, Slumber Sleep Aid conducted an independent sleep study and discovered that for most participants, just 10 mg of CBN was the optimal dose for a good night’s sleep.

You have plenty of choice over administering your 10 mg of nightly CBN with Slumber Sleep Aid’s variety of oils, softgels, gummies, capsules, and topicals. You also have a wide choice of flavors, each with a delicious fruity theme, including raspberry, watermelon, and strawberries and cream.

Their broad product range includes sleep aids that contain just CBN as the active ingredient and products with additional ingredients—including melatonin and CBD—which may help produce the “entourage effect,” meaning it’s more effective than either ingredient used alone.

Notable sleep supplements from Slumber Sleep Aid include:

  • Delta 8 Gummies with CBD: Specially formulated to be fast-acting with the addition of Delta 8, which is a compound similar to THC, which can stimulate feelings of relaxation and be used as a natural sleep aid.
  • 3:1 Full-Spectrum CBD & CBD Tincture: The dual-acting CBD oil sleep tincture contains a high dose of full-spectrum CBD and CBN, plus other cannabinoids to produce an entourage effect that may aid sleep and relieve pain and inflammation.
  • CBN Gummies with Melatonin: The combination of natural melatonin and top-quality CBN is designed to help regulate your sleep cycle and the amount of your REM sleep for a more restful night.


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2.Joy Organics - Best CBD Softgels for Sleep

Joy Organics offers several products that can help with sleep issues and encourage a good night's rest. Their CBD Softgels with Melatonin contain just the right amount of CBD, CBN, and melatonin to send you into a dreamy slumber. They also offer mixed berry sleep gummies for those who prefer a tasty treat before bedtime.


  • Fast-acting CBD softgels using nano-technology for efficacy
  • Easy to swallow
  • Publicly accessible third-party lab reports
  • Save 20% every month with Subscribe and save
  • Money-back guarantee


  • No CBD isolate options

About Joy Organics Products

Joy Organics was started by someone who herself was having difficulty sleeping. Joy Smith (i.e., the "Joy" in Joy Organics) found relief for her pain and poor sleep after using CBD and has since launched a range of products to help others with their sleep cycles.

We love that these products were created by someone who has tried them and is passionate about bringing only the best quality CBD products to the market.

Products to try include:

  • Broad-Spectrum CBD Softgels with Melatonin & CBN for Sleep: Contains 3 mg of melatonin and 3 mg of CBN.
  • CBD oil tinctures: Joy Organics offers a range of CBD oil that can help you get proper sleep. They come in either full- or broad-spectrum, and some even contain THC for that extra help.
  • CBD gummies: If stress is making you lose sleep at night, these gummies will help to take the edge off without leaving you feeling groggy when you wake up.


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3.Kanibi - Best Product Design


Kanibi is committed to perfection in creating their CBD-infused oils, gummies, and chewing gum. Their hemp oil is cleanly extracted from 100% organic USA-grown hemp, which is infused into products using zero artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.


  • Dedicated nighttime CBD blend
  • Good product variety
  • Clean CO2 extraction
  • Natural ingredients
  • 100% organic USA-grown hemp
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Expensive compared to other brands

Kanibi CBD for Sleep and CBD Oil Products

Each batch is double laboratory-tested in independent labs to ensure safety and potency, with the test results publicly available. View the results for yourself, and you’ll be satisfied that whatever CBD supplement you choose is free of pesticides and other toxins, both inorganic and organic.

While Kanibi only has one product specifically formulated for improving the quality of sleep, their product range includes a variety of oil tinctures in various concentrations to allow you to take control of your dose. This includes both full-spectrum CBD oil and CBD isolate, depending on your preference.

The flavorless softgels, fruity CBD gummies, or minty CBD chewing gum can help relieve anxiety if that is something that stops you from relaxing at the end of the day. However, if you want to fall asleep quickly with a smaller dose of CBD, you might want to try:

  • CBD and CBN Nighttime Blend: Containing the same base formula as the brand’s full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures, the nighttime blend is enhanced with CBN and terpenes for the ultimate in sleep support thanks to the entourage effect. The sleep tincture is available in 25 mg and 50 mg of CBD per dropper to control your dosage.


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4.Aspen Green - Best CBD For Sleep & Relaxation

aspen green

Dedicated to enhancing your well-being, Aspen Green is determined to provide supreme organic full-spectrum CBD products certified by the USDA. Rooted in Denver, this family-operated business acquires its hemp from prime Colorado Rocky Mountain farms. These regions offer optimal conditions for cultivating top-tier hemp brimming with beneficial phytonutrients.

Guided by Dr. Adam Perlman, the lead editor of Mayo Clinic Press' book "Medical Marijuana…Plus: The Multiple Applications of CBD," Aspen Green's comprehensive array of products, such as their organic full-spectrum Rest CBD Oil and Gummies, help promote quality rest while supporting slumber to keep you dreaming all night long.


  • Certified USDA-organic, non-GMO, all-natural, vegan, and sustainable.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Discounts of up to 60% for eligible customers
  • Best-in-class American customer service


  • No international shipping

Aspen Green CBD Products for Sleep & Relaxation:

The USDA-Certified Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil and Gummies come in a delicious berry flavor, infused with functional organic herbs that help relax your mind and body, allowing for a deeper state of REM sleep, sweet dreams, and a refreshed feeling in the morning. For those who prefer a higher THC concentration while sleeping through the night, take the gummies, and for those who are sensitive to THC, the Rest tincture bottle is the better option, especially with the ability to microdose down to .25mL if needed.

  • Rest Organic Full-Spectrum CBD Oil: Enriched with revitalizing botanicals, the Rest Organic Full-Spectrum CBD Oil is your key to rejuvenating sleep. With 4000mg CBD and 75mg THC packed into every 30mL, and a serving providing 133mg CBD and 2.5mg THC, all wrapped up in a delightful berry flavor, a night of serene rest awaits.
  • Rest Organic Full Spectrum CBD Gummies: This organic, agave-sweetened gummy is blended with other wellness-boosting botanicals to keep you dreaming all night long. Our Rest Organic Full Spectrum CBD & THC Gummies help promote quality rest while supporting a sensual slumber. Offered in gummies at a 50mg CBD to 5mg THC ratio per gummy.

Pricing: Starting at $59.99 with Subscribe and Save

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5.CBDistillery - Best CBD Sleep Tinctures


A veteran of the CBD industry, CBDistillery offers a wide range of reliable CBD products addressing many benefits, including sleep. They offer both full-spectrum and THC-free CBD products and a variety of strengths and administration methods.


  • Variety of CBD sleep formulas, products, and strengths
  • Available as full-spectrum or THC-free
  • Non-GMO hemp cultivated in Colorado
  • Comprehensive third-party testing
  • Affordable options
  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee


  • Limited flavor options

CBDistillery Products for Insomnia & Other Sleep Disorders

CBDistiillery’s full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures come in various potencies, ranging from 17 to 167 mg of CBD per ml, making it easy to get the right strength to meet your personal needs. The brand’s tinctures also contain fractionated coconut oil (MCT), which improves the bioavailability of the CBD for faster and better results.

The sleep CBD line doesn’t end there. If you’re not fond of the taste of tinctures, CBDistillery also has a selection of capsules, gummies, and even a drink mix in a soothing chamomile flavor.

The brand is completely transparent about the manufacturing process and its products, offering comprehensive third-party test reports that verify the potency and purity of its CBD supplements.

Our top picks of CBD sleep supplements from CBDistillery include:

  • Sleep Synergy CBN + CBD Sleep Tincture: The combination of CBD, CBN, and terpenes activates the entourage effect for a better night's sleep. A 2021 study verified that over 70% of participants agreed the tincture was better than any other sleep aid they had tried previously.
  • Sleep Synergy Drink Mix: A blend of 25 mg of CBD, valerian root, L-Theanine, chamomile extract, and terpenes, this water-soluble drink is an excellent addition to a relaxing nighttime routine.
  • CBD Sleep Gummies + Melatonin: Specially formulated for nighttime use, each gummy contains 30 mg of CBD and 2 mg of melatonin to aid restful sleep. The sugar-coated gummies with their mixed berry flavor will be welcome to those with a sweet tooth.


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6.CBDfx - Best Product Variety


CBDfx gives you a wide choice of how you take your CBD sleep supplement, with a line of CBD sleep products that include gummies, capsules, vape liquids, and CBD oil tinctures. The brand doesn’t sacrifice quality for variety, with all CBDfx products being completely organic, non-GMO, and made using natural ingredients.


  • Wide variety of CBD sleep supplements
  • Active ingredients include CBN, sleep terpenes, and more
  • Variety of CBD strengths
  • Organic, non-GMO, and 100% natural
  • Extensive third-party testing
  • 60-day guarantee


  • Some products may have a psychotropic effect

CBDfx Sleep Oil Tincture & Other Products

Along with cleanly extracted CBD, the sleep supplements from CBDfx also contain additional ingredients, including a blend of calming terpenes, CBN, and melatonin, all known to promote relaxation and regulate sleep.

Not everyone has the same tolerance or needs for CBD. Therefore, CBDfx offers its oil tinctures in three different formulations. This enables more people to get the best dose of CBD, depending on their level of sleep disturbance.

Safety is vital to CBDfx, with their entire CBD line being produced exclusively in CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) facilities, ensuring clinical-grade standards. Once manufactured, products are tested eight times for impurities and imperfections, and for customer peace of mind, every product features a QR code for its corresponding lab report.

Notable products from CBDfx for supporting a good night’s sleep include:

  • CBD Gummies with Melatonin for Sleep: With 50 mg of CBD and 5 mg of melatonin, the higher dose of these gummies may help those with insomnia. They’re infused with additional botanicals known for their relaxing effects, including chamomile, lemon balm, and passionflower extract.
  • CBD & CBN Night Capsules for Sleep: Each capsule contains 30 mg of broad-spectrum CBD and 2.5 mg of CBN and calming botanicals like terpenes and valerian root to help you wind down and slip into a restful sleep.
  • Sweet Dreams Blend: Containing Delta 9 and CBN, it is fast-acting and promotes a restful night's sleep. The potent tincture contains CBD, CBN, and a blend of sleep terpenes. Each dose also includes 2.5 ml of THC, which may cause psychotropic effects.


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7.Soul CBD Sleepi Gummies - Best CBD Sleep Gummies


These powerful sleep gummies were crafted to help you fall asleep quickly and wake up totally rested — no more morning grogginess. Made from all-natural ingredients that are organically farmed, simply pop one in your mouth about 30 minutes to an hour before bed and relax away.

If a sleep gummy isn’t enough to get you the best rest ever, Soul CBD also offers other products specifically made to help those with sleep disorders, including capsules and high potency CBD oils for sleep.


  • Contains CBN to improve quality of REM sleep
  • Contains myrcene to help you fall asleep faster
  • Organically farmed
  • All-natural sleep aids
  • Physician-formulated
  • Third-party lab tested with results available online


  • Higher price point

Soul CBD Products to Help Your Sleep Cycles

Soul CBD has a number of products to help improve your sleep. Take your pick from:

  • Sleepi gummies: These sweet treats contain CBD, CBN, and sleep terpenes, mixed with soothing melatonin. It's formulated to help you get deep sleep.
  • CBD oil for sleep: Soul CBD also offers a CBD oil for sleep in three different potencies: 500 mg, 1,000 mg, or 1,500 mg of CBD per bottle.
  • Dream capsules: These are easy to take and contain both CBD and melatonin. Just take one about 30 minutes before you hit the hay, and you'll be dozing off in no time.
  • CBD bath bombs: Each CBD bath bomb contains 35 mg of CBD. Simply drop it into your bathtub and soak for 30 minutes.


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8.Just CBD - Budget-Friendly

just cbd

Just CBD has made a name for itself by providing friendly customer service and knowledgeable sales reps. They believe in providing the best products that will help improve their customers' mental and physical well-being, and they believe in full transparency, sharing their lab reports online for customers to see.


  • Great customer service
  • Good range of products
  • Third-party lab results are easily accessible
  • Affordable
  • Great flavors


  • Not vegan

This brand offers a wide range of CBD products, including broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, and CBD isolates. Just CBD is GMP-certified and uses organic and domestic hemp for all of its products, making sure its products are of the highest quality.

The CBD gummies for sleep come in tasty flavors, including cherry, pink grapefruit, watermelon, strawberry, pineapple, mango, and more. With added melatonin, you’re sure to get a good night’s rest.


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9.Koi CBD - Best Flavors

koi cbd

While Koi CBD only has one product in their range designed specifically for sleep, they have an extensive product line that addresses several additional concerns, including relaxation, pain relief, recovery, focus, and wellness.


  • Wide range of flavors
  • Hemp is grown and processed in the USA
  • Third-party testing
  • Extensive CBD product line
  • Subscribe and save


  • Just one CBD sleep aid

Koi CBD for Sleep Products

Look no further than Koi CBD if you’re bored with flavorless or bland CBD products. Their CBD oils, gummies, and vape juices come in a vast range of flavors, including lemon-lime, berry lemonade, peppermint, key lime, watermelon, and so much more.

It’s not only about flavor with Koi CBD. They also strive to meet high-quality standards. They use independent, accredited labs to test their USA-grown hemp extracts for potency and purity thoroughly. Once the extract has been infused into their products, they are tested repeatedly during the manufacturing process, with all results publicly available.

Many Koi CBD products can be used to ease stress and aid relaxation, helping you to wind down after a long day, but they do have gummies that have been explicitly formulated to aid sleep:

  • CBD Gummies | Nighttime Rest: Each serving of two cherry limeade gummies contains 20 mg of broad-spectrum CBD with the added bonus of 5 mg of melatonin to help support sleep. They are certified vegan, kosher, and 100% allergen-free.


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How We Chose the Best CBD Products for Sleep

We carefully researched dozens of brands looking for high-quality product variety and customer satisfaction to ensure we chose the best ones for our carefully curated list.

Ingredient Quality

The best cannabinoids come from quality hemp. Therefore, we favored brands that sourced their hemp from domestic growers that utilized organic farming practices without pesticides or herbicides.

Next up is active ingredients. CBD on its own may help improve sleep quality, but when it's combined with other active ingredients such as melatonin and Delta 8, the quality of your sleep may be boosted further.

Finally, we ensured that our chosen brands used either broad-spectrum or full-spectrum THC. Broad-spectrum CBD contains many naturally occurring compounds that can aid relaxation and sleep, but usually no THC. Whereas full-spectrum CBD will also contain terpenes, such as limonene and beta-pinene, which can help boost the sleep benefits of CBD.

Third-Party Testing

A CBD brand should provide you with peace of mind that its products are safe. This means providing updated third-party test results that show the purity and potency, in the form of a certificate of analysis, which verifies:

  • The CBD content and other active ingredients are as advertised.
  • The CBD is really full-spectrum and therefore also contains beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes.
  • There is no more than 0.3% THC, the psychoactive compound in the hemp plant.
  • There are no contaminants, including toxins and organisms, like viruses, mold, and bacteria.

We viewed the results ourselves, which are usually linked on the product page, to ensure that the brand’s claims align with what's on the packaging.

Method of Extraction

CBD is extracted from the hemp plant using two primary methods: CO2 and solvent extraction. We favored brands that use the CO2 extraction method as solvent extraction can result in butane, propane, or other solvents' residues.

CO2 extraction is a much cleaner extraction process, with CBD being extracted from hemp in high-pressure CO2 chambers, giving a higher concentration of CBD without any toxins.

Brand Reputation and Efficiency

We looked for signs of user trust and satisfaction, as well as brand reputation, including:

  • Verified customer reviews to ensure users experienced improved sleep and minimal adverse side effects.
  • Choice of active ingredients linked to enhanced sleep, such as melatonin and CBN, as well as CBD.
  • Viewing brands that made unsupported health claims about their CBD products with caution.

Types of CBD Products for Sleep

There are numerous products for sleep, including CBD oils, gummies, nasal sprays, capsules, e-liquids, and topical formulations.

CBD Gummies and Capsules

Incredibly convenient to use, thanks to a specific dosage infused into each capsule and gummy, this method of administration is a good choice if you don’t like the earthy aftertaste CBD tinctures can have.

However, the CBD in gummies and capsules can take a little longer to absorb than oil as it has to pass through the digestive system before being absorbed into the blood. For faster absorption, gummies and capsules should be taken on an empty stomach and are best taken an hour before bedtime.

Tinctures and CBD Oil for Sleep

CBD oils and tinctures are absorbed faster than gummies and capsules as they enter the bloodstream directly through the blood vessels under the tongue. Therefore, it’s probably the best option if you’re looking for a CBD product that gets to work quickly with longer-lasting effects.

Another advantage to CBD oils is that they come in a variety of concentrations, giving you great control over your dose. You can start low, and then build up to stronger concentrations if needed. For the CBD to take effect, all you need to do is hold the oil under your tongue for around 20 seconds before swallowing.

CBD Vape Juices

The major benefit of CBD vape juices is that they kick in almost right away, bringing an immediate sense of calm and relaxation. However, the effects are not very long-lasting, and there are some health risks associated with vaping, including gum disease and other dental issues, heart problems, and respiratory issues.

Health Benefits and Side Effects of CBD

As with most medications and natural health remedies, there are several benefits, and some people may experience some side effects, too.

Benefits of CBD

CBD is not just potentially beneficial to those with sleep issues, it’s also been associated with many other health benefits, including:

  • Reducing Seizures: In 2018, the first CBD drug was FDA-approved and released on the market to treat epilepsy. Epidiolex was approved for use in patients as young as two and was shown in studies to reduce the frequency of seizures.
  • Relieving Anxiety: Although more scientific studies are needed, research has suggested that CBD may be useful in the treatment of anxiety disorders, such as panic disorder, seasonal affective disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and panic disorder.
  • Pain Management: Although research is still in its infancy, CBD has proven promising in the area of pain management. Naturally occurring CBD binds to receptors in the nervous system and brain, which alters the way you perceive pain.

CBD is also believed to have anti-inflammatory properties, with studies showing that Sativex (a CBD drug) reduced inflammation in those living with rheumatoid arthritis.

Side Effects of CBD

CBD is generally well tolerated by most people, and if you do have any side effects they are likely to be mild forms of:

  • Changes in appetite
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Upset stomach
  • Lethargy
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth

Furthermore, if you’re taking any other medications you should consult with your doctor before taking CBD to ensure there will be no undesirable interactions, as there may be with certain antidepressants and blood thinners.

Why Choose CBD Over Other Sleep Aids

Sleeping pills sold in pharmacies—like Ambien or Valium—are from a specific class of drugs that aid sleep by suppressing the activity of the central nervous system to make us feel relaxed and sleepy.

While effective, these medications are highly addictive and over time require an increasingly higher dose to achieve the same effect. They can also have unpleasant side effects including diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, daytime drowsiness, muscle weakness, migraines, and difficulty focusing. However, if you stop taking these medications abruptly, withdrawal symptoms are likely to occur.

Natural sleep supplements like CBD offer a good alternative because they have a much better safety profile and may elicit similar benefits. Although not as strong as pharmaceutical medications, CBD has milder side effects, and they are often absent altogether.

The research into the benefits of CBD on sleep is still in its infancy. However, there are a number of studies which indicate that CBD can help with insomnia and poor quality of sleep by addressing their underlying causes, such as anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.

Research also suggests that CBD may increase the duration of deep sleep (the regenerative stage of sleep), helping you to feel refreshed when you wake up.


When should I take CBD oil for sleep?

After ingesting CBD oil, it typically takes around 20 minutes before you start to feel the effects. However, it may take a little longer for some people, so it’s recommended that you take CBD oil an hour before you go to bed to help you wind down and let go of the day's stressors before you go to sleep.

How much CBD should I take for sleep?

Unless your doctor or a health care professional has recommended a specific dose, it’s wise to begin with a lower dose of CBD to ensure that you don’t have a negative reaction, although it’s typically tolerated well. Experts usually recommend 1-6 mg of CBD per every 10 lbs of body weight daily.

Studies have demonstrated that as little as 25 mg of CBD each day is enough to improve sleep quality, so this is a good dose to start off with. So for example, if one CBD gummy contains 10 mg of CBD, take 2 1/2 before bed. You may wish to start with a smaller dose if you're not sure how much CBD for sleep you should take and you're worried about the effects.

If you want a little more help in determining your dosage, there are dose calculators online that while not 100% accurate, are a good place to start.

One of the best ways to determine which dose is right for you is to track your sleep with a device like an Apple Watch, Fitbit, or Oura Ring. It will help you determine the length and quality of your sleep both without CBD and with different doses. You may find that as little as 20 mg of CBD is enough to drastically improve your quality of sleep, although you may need significantly more to see the same benefits.

Is CBD good for sleep?

Research suggests that CBD can help with sleep disturbances thanks to its interaction with the endocannabinoid system, which works to maintain homeostasis, i.e., a state of balance, within your body. This includes regulating critical processes including the sleep cycle.

How do I use CBD balm for sleep?

If you don’t like taking CBD orally, topical balms provide a good alternative to support a healthy sleep cycle. About 30 minutes before bedtime, as part of your nightly routine, apply and massage your chosen balm to your chest, neck, arms, bottoms of your feet, or anywhere else.

Is THC or CBD better for sleep?

Studies have indicated that THC can help people fall asleep faster, however, it’s also associated with a decrease in overall sleep quality. Therefore, CBD is most likely the better short-term solution for sleep issues as it’s linked to improved sleep quality, without the groggy feeling of traditional sleep aids.

Does CBD oil work for sleep apnea?

In both human and animal studies, CBD has been shown to have several benefits in patients with sleep apnea, both in symptom control and in improving sleep quality. This is possibly due to the influence of CBD on the circadian system which regulates a person’s sleep-wake cycle.
However, this research is purely anecdotal. Further study is needed to determine if CBD is a truly effective remedy for sleep apnea and it should not be used instead of medically prescribed treatment.
Furthermore, people with sleep apnea or any other medical condition should speak to their doctor before taking CBD in an attempt to improve their quality of sleep.

Is CBD better for sleep than melatonin?

Melatonin is a natural hormone produced in the brain in response to sunlight and darkness, helping to regulate a person’s circadian rhythm, i.e., the sleep-wake cycle. Secretion of melatonin increases soon after darkness and peaks at around 2 to 3 a.m.

Research has shown that supplementing with melatonin can help improve sleep, however, its effects are strongly dependent on dosage. For example, a 1 mg supplement of melatonin will only last around 2 hours, meaning it’s useful in getting you to sleep, but the effects may not last through the night without a much larger dose. A larger dose of melatonin has been known to make users feel drowsy during the day.

The good news is that many of the CBD sleep supplements on this list also include melatonin, meaning they may help improve both the quality and duration of your sleep.
What’s the difference between full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate?

There are three types of CBD available:

  • CBD Isolate: Contains only CBD and nothing else
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD: Contains CBD and other cannabinoids, but no THC
  • Full-Spectrum CBD: Contains, CBD, other cannabinoids, and THC

How do I choose the best CBD product for sleep?

When choosing a CBD product for sleep you should check the source of hemp, third-party test results, CBD extraction method, brand transparency, and customer satisfaction. The best product for you will depend on your preferred consumption methods and potency, which should be suited to your expected effect.

Will CBD make me high?

THC is the compound in the cannabis plant that makes you high. Though some CBD products for sleep contain trace amounts of THC, CBD counteracts its effects, so, no, these sleep aids won’t make you high.

CBD for Sleep: Key Takeaways

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who suffer from a sleep disorder, finding a solution that works for you is crucial for your physical and mental well-being.

If you’re wary of taking over-the-counter sleeping pills, CBD is a natural alternative that may help boost your quality and quantity of sleep. This is because it balances the endocannabinoid system, which is involved in recovery and sleep regulation.

When taken before bed, most CBD products should help you wind down and relax, helping you to slip into a peaceful sleep. CBD formulations specifically for sleep are possibly your best option if you really struggle with sleep.

Look for CBD oils with added active ingredients that are proven to improve sleep and enhance calm, such as melatonin and CBD, and are broad- or full-spectrum CBD, so calming terpenes remain in the hemp oil.

Take your chosen CBD gummy, capsule, or oil around an hour before you go to sleep, and hopefully, you’ll be enjoying a well-deserved good night’s sleep, waking up refreshed the next day.

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